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This spring, the Mimosa Association invites you to get fit while fundraising for the fight against cancer and see where your legs can take you.  Participate in this “No Limit challenge”, open to all ages (fixed goal challenges for primary aged children), by clocking up as many kilometres on foot or bike as you can over the 16 days of the challenge.  Every day the community’s collective kilometres travelled will lead to the discovery of a new destination somewhere in the world and by encouraging sponsorship from family and friends, Mimosa aims to raise € 5 000 to further fund their cancer prevention and support projects in the South of France.

Thanks to our very generous sponsors, 100% of entry fees will go to our cause but we will still need your help if we are to hit our target.  Please reach out to everyone you know and ask them to support you and our cause.

Cost of entry

Single person: 5 euros

Family (1 or 2 adults and unlimited children): 15 euros.

Follow our progress on social media @MimosaMatters and travel the world from anywhere in the world!

Official virtual start line

#ILoveNice sign, Promenade des Anglais, Nice.

Find out more about Mimosa and their work at www.mimosamatters.org

2 Challenges,
1 goal!

Primary school children

A fixed goal challenge to be covered over the length of the event. (Manual entry of daily distance.)

Kids, how far can you run/walk/cycle over 16 days? Choose your distance and sign up today.

  • 5 km (suggested for 5 and 6 year olds*)
  • 10 km (suggested for 7 and 8 year olds*)
  • 15 km (suggested for 9-11 year olds*)

All your kilometres will be added to the community total, so you too are contributing to travelling to our “Where in the World?” destinations.

*The distance can be done in one or more times, walking, running or cycling.

Secondary school children and adults

A connected, No Limit challenge (Manual entry or automatic recording of distance possible)

Run, walk and/or cycle as far as you can over the 16 days of the challenge and help us travel the world.

Follow your progress and compare your performance to other participants on the Zapsports App and here on the event webpage.

The challenges


5 KM
Walking / Running / Bike

(suggested for 5 and 6 year olds)

10 KM
Walking / Running / Bike

(suggested for 7 and 8 year olds)

15 KM
Walking / Running / Bike

(suggested for 9-11 year olds)

Instructions for Use

How do I record my session?

To record your session, you must have a GPS connected device (either an application on your smartphone or a smartwatch)

Once you have signed up for the event, all you have to do is import the GPX files for each of your exercise sessions using the links above (via your application or your connected watch) to join the live leader boards!

Instructions to transfer your performance after each exercise session

1 You don't have a smartwatch or mobile app? Don't worry and be happy !
  • Download the free ZAPSPORTS APP to your phone
  • Create your account on the ZAPSPORTS app
  • Record your session using the ZAPSPORTS app
  • Once you have finished, save your performance on the ZAPSPORTS app and your session is automatically uploaded and included in the event results.
Appli IOS
Requires IOS: Requires IOS: 13.6 or later
Requires Android: 7.1 or later

2 You already have a GPS smartwatch and can get a GPX file?

(All brands providing a Garmin, Polar, Suunto, TomTom type GPX file...)

Simply check beforehand that your watch allows you to download the gpx file of your session then you are good to go. When you have finished, drop your gpx file here to be included in the live results.

Examples of smartwatch brands allowing download of gpx files:

Montres connectées GPS Montres connectées GPS Montres connectées GPS Montres connectées GPS

3 You already use an application that provides a GPX file?

(Strava, Runkeeper, Zapsports...)

Applications mobiles connectées Montres connectées GPS Applications mobiles connectées Applications mobiles connectées Applications mobiles connectées Applications mobiles connectées Applications mobiles connectées GESTION FICHIER GPX ADIDAS Running

Perfect! After every session, download your gpx file from the app and upload your gpx file here to be included in the live results!


Where are we

Association Mimosa
2135 chemin des Vergers
06620 Le Bar sur Loup